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(1) On Saturday 11th. October 1997 at 18.13hrs The Melbourne based National UFO Hotline operator Ross Dowe began receiving the first of well over 1000 telephone calls from Australian residents of the eastern states of New South Wales and Queensland. Ross estimates that some 2.5 million people saw the following events that shattered that peaceful sunset (daylight to dusk) night skies.

At 18.12 to 18.14hrs an extremely bright glowing fluorescent lime green illumination crossed the NSW skies from SW to NE taking some 8-10 seconds to do so. The light was said to be "extremely large", an "enormous light", "like a semi-trailer in the skies", and it flew with a very long illuminated green tail. As this light descended it got much larger - according to some eyewitnesses.

As the illumination dipped down some 20-30 degrees below it's initial high (orbital ?) altitude it appeared to break into 2 main lights; some observers saw 9 lights in a trail. Others (apparently underneath the final downwards trajectory explosion) reported that the initial single light exploded into a huge fireworks display as it approached ground level with literally thousands of lights exploding out in all directions before cascading downwards in an umbrella shape. Some exploded pieces reportedly spiraled downwards leaving dark brown smoke trails.

A crop-duster pilot operating near Warwick in southern Queensland spent 10 valuable last light minutes searching for glowing objects on the ground - after seeing many glowing plasma balls fly past his wing and over a nearby hill and apparently rain down to ground level around him. He could find no evidence that anything had hit the ground and/or survived the fall, but the explosion "ground zero" was apparently near, and above, Warwick.

The "objects" flight and it's low altitude explosion left a huge sound trail that reverberated around in the clouds and sky for some five minutes as an intense shuddering noise. Cracks and booms with rolling thunder were heard from as far south as Bateman's Bay near Sydney.

The fluoro-green illumination's flight and it's explosion were witnessed from as far south as Sydney and the Snowy Mountains and from as far north as 300km. north of Brisbane.

2) At 18.15hrs observers in Southern Queensland saw a very bright silvery lime green light with a green-gold-purple tail flying at relatively low altitude from N to S. Observers in central and eastern NSW reported seeing a bright fireball plus tail flying at relatively low altitude from N to S between 18.17 to 18.20hrs.

Ross Dowe reasons that the initial sightings of a high altitude illumination flying from SW to NE at 18.12-18.14hrs and then other reports of a similar illumination flying from N to S at 18.15-18.20hrs are probably of the same "object" which has come in northwest of Dubbo and curved around to the south as it descended. This logical thesis is currently un-proven and more analysis of respondent reports is required.

3) At approximately 19.30hrs a bright orange illumination was reported as seen flying from N to S just east of Newcastle NSW (i.e. out to sea).

4) At 21.45hrs reports came in from the Hunter Valley NSW (north of Sydney) of a vertical "Cats Eye" orange illumination (like a fat pencil sharpened at both ends, bulging in the middle, hanging vertically in the night skies). This apparition was moving slowly from NW to SE and was leading a small orange fireball in a double formation flight.

5) On Sunday 12th October 1997 at 22.00hrs Ross Dowe received several calls from NW Sydney and other areas of NSW about two red lights flying from SW to NE at high (orbital ?) altitude.

One light stopped dead in the sky, whilst the other altered course to now fly towards the East. The hovering light then accelerated and continued at it's previous speed towards the NE. 90 minutes later another two red lights arrived from the SW and repeated the above mentioned maneuvers again - implying orbital revolution of the planet.

6) On Monday 13th October 1997 at 18.20hrs a policeman and his wife were some 20-30 minutes drive south of Gundagai NSW looking SW when they observed two lights approaching slowly from the South at some 30 degrees angle above the horizon. Sunset was about 18.35hrs, and this sighting lasted from 18.20hrs until about 19.00hrs.

Whilst they were driving towards these lights they observed the two lights in the same azimuth position for about 30 minutes or so, but the lights moved slowly to lower altitude over the same time period. When nearer they stopped to take a photo. The lights retained the same brightness in the early night sky as they had when seen in earlier daylight.

Suddenly one illuminated object thrust an orange-red fiery "exhaust trail" light out behind it. This lit up both objects well and allowed a better view of the forms and shapes behind the lights.

One illuminated object turned out to be a dark brown or black triangular shape estimated to be about one mile in length i.e. this thing was HUGE. It then rotated through 90 degrees and immediately jetted a larger enormous orange-red fiery exhaust (estimated to be ten miles in length !) from the rear, whilst it sped off at extremely high speed to the North - faster than any known jet aircraft, and rapidly disappeared over the horizon.

The second illuminated object was observed to be spherical with a large halo around it. This sphere remained static for a few more minutes then sped off to the South. Neither object made any sound whilst performing these maneuvers.

The Victorian policeman had previously believed that only "nutters and fruit-loops" saw and reported such events. He had been involved in high level security operations for VIP visits to Australia. This involved much vetting and psycho-profiling and he therefore regarded himself as a sane man with good observational powers.

7) Ross Dowe's initial analysis of the incidents on Saturday 11th. October 1997 came to the tentative conclusion that they could possibly reflect rubbish removal from the MIR Space Station.

This thesis revolves around the idea of a large rubbish skip capsule, full of MIR's refuse and damaged parts, recently replaced by the Shuttle mission, being ejected from orbit and burning up in the atmosphere over Australia.

Perhaps this is so .........

Unfortunately for the space junk hypothesis another well connected source has claimed that it was panic stations that Saturday at the Australian Ministry of Defence as confusion and chaos reigned in all directions. He was certain that he sensed real terror in the MOD staff that day as they attempted to tackle the days events occurring in Australian air space.


(B) RECENT USA (October 97) EVENTS 

However these Australian October 97 events should not, and cannot, be viewed in isolation from other recent events that have been reported from the USA.

(1) On Thursday 9th. October 1997 at 12.47pm. many western-central US observers reported strange "meteor" like illuminations and a final massive air-burst explosion.

A fiery "Sun" like light, or fireball, was seen flying across the midday skies of Texas and New Mexico. These events created a fairly severe fright for many of the thousands of American citizens who witnessed and experienced same.

The following newspaper report describes these events :-

October 11, 1997 (Saturday) "Santa Fe New Mexican" newspaper:

The Associated Press

Scientists from New Mexico defense laboratories will scour an area near El Paso, Texas, this weekend in search of a bright and noisy meteor that was tracked by equipment designed to monitor nuclear tests.

"The meteor made a huge sonic signal. They heard it like a freight train in El Paso," said Doug ReVelle, a meteorologist at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The meteor appeared at 12:47 p.m. Thursday as a flash about as bright as the surface of a setting sun, said Robert Simpson, a spokesman for McDonald Observatory 175 miles southeast of E1 Paso. The flash was seen and heard by people in Texas and New Mexico.

"If it had happened at night it would have lit up the countryside as bright as day," said Bill Wren, another McDonald Observatory spokesman.

ReVelle said Los Alamos scientists were able to track the meteor's path using data from Los Alamos listening stations set up originally to monitor nuclear explosions anywhere on Earth. Los Alamos lab was the birthplace of the atomic bomb in World War II.

Aside from the blast like sound people heard near the Texas New Mexico state line, meteors emit sound waves that are too low frequency for human ears. But the bomb monitoring equipment, an array of low frequency microphones, picked it up, lab scientists said Friday.

"The data from our array puts the meteor 441 kilometers (almost 275 miles) south of Los Alamos. We'll be looking for it in a location we've identified near E1 Paso," ReVelle said.

Based on its "infrasonic signature," or noise, the object was estimated to have been 20 to 30 inches in diameter, he said.

Besides searching for what's left of the meteor, which may have exploded into tiny bits in :he sky, the research team will interview witnesses about how bright it was and what it sounded like, according to a LANL statement. It said witnesses in Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Albuquerque, El Paso and points in between saw the phenomenon.

ReVelle said he expects to spend the entire weekend looking for it with four other scientists, including two from Canada.

"It could take weeks to find," he said, "but it could take a day or less, depending on how lucky we get."

The Los Alamos nuclear listening stations have been in place since 1983 and still are used in U.S. non-proliferation efforts. But the array also has helped scientists detect bolides, meteors and other space debris that send brilliant streaks across the sky and sometimes crash into Earth.

The array detects meteors every year. ReVelle said about 10 meteors that are more than 6 feet in diameter, with energy equivalent to a 1 kiloton blast, enter the atmosphere annually. Most burn up in the atmosphere without hitting the ground.

Joining ReVelle on the weekend hunt will be Peter Brown of the University of Western Ontario in Canada, Alan Hildebrand of the National Research Council in Ottawa, Canada, Mark Boslough of Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, and a fifth researcher, from the University of New Mexico, whose name wasn't immediately available.

Fire and police agencies in El Paso County and southern New Mexico were flooded with reports of an explosion that shook homes and jangled nerves Thursday.

Some saw the flash; others heard a shuddering boom from Anthony, Texas, along the New Mexico state line, to Horizon City, in far east El Paso County. 

2) Other USA reports mention military helicopter interest in the "impact" site and other strange flashes of light seen in the daylight mid-day sky. All in all this recent New Mexico event appears suspiciously like the recent NSW "meteor" event - right down to the final explosion and cascading lights, but some other internet reports throw some variations into the equation :- 

News Alert!

I'm told this evening a meteor or satellite or possibly a UFO crashed tonight near El Paso Texas in an area which sits at the corners of the borders with the country of Mexico ( right across from Ciudad Juarez or Jaurez Mexico , look at a map ) It's a hop skip and jump into the US State of New Mexico from there...but the TV station trying to cover it is in the city iof El Paso in the state of TEXAS USA...the UFO as described was videotaped over the area around El Paso last Thursday afternoon. It was seen in the skies in the El Paso area, and it was also there that residents were jolted by sonic boom and a glowing slow ballistic type entry impact. I'm also told the feds are all over the place, trying to keep a lid on things. I can't get confirmation on any of this.

Terry James

Sonic Blast From Meteor Rocks El Paso - El Paso (KVIA)

Shortly before 1:00 p.m. Thursday a series of sonic blasts rocked El Paso.

El Paso Police report that an acre of scorched earth twenty-seven miles east of El Paso and twenty miles north of Hueco Tanks confirms speculation that a meteor, or its remains, just missed the Sun City. The sonic boom which followed the meteor's crash was heard as far away as Anthony, NM and felt in El Paso.

One El Paso resident was startled to see what she described as "a streak of light, similar to a falling star, that ended in a ball of yellow and orange light and a brilliant explosion." Dr. Harold Slusher, Professor of Physics at the University of Texas at El Paso, said that description and a video recording of smoke that trailed off after the explosion were consistent with the destruction of a meteor: "I'd say off-hand...that it's the explosion of a daytime meteor or a swarm of meteoric objects, small objects made of rock and metal, that penetrate the atmosphere. They'd survive through the atmosphere and sometimes explode...[trailing] debris and what appears to be smoke like what you saw in the film you showed me."

According to Dr. Slusher, such highly visible traces of daytime meteoric activity are extremely rare. The glare of the sun usually blocks any evidence of a streak of debris trailing in the wake of meteoric collisions.

Lorie Hernandez was outside on the porch of her home in Socorro when an explosion overhead caused her to grab for a video camera. "It was like a flash and after maybe a minute, my cousin said, 'Look! Look up in the sky!'...

That's when it popped. We heard a big 'pop.' It lasted for like a minute. The big pop lasted a long time, and then after that...all the smoke started coming out.

That's when the little pops like firecrackers started to sound. That's when everyone was screaming and everyone was more scared...we expected something to fall out [of the cloud of smoke] like an airplane or something."

Frances McRimmon rushed out to record the event on video immediately after the blast shook her East El Paso home. McRimmon says she saw what looked like a military helicopter hovering over the site of the explosion. News 7 cameras also recorded several aircraft flying through the remaining plumes of smoke shortly after impact.

More information will surely follow from this extraordinary opportunity for the study of meteoric activity.

Reported by Barry Carpenter and Elizabeth O'Hara

Steve Wingate

N. California Director, Skywatch International


On Thursday, October 9, 1997, at 12:47 p.m., an unusual meteor flashed through the sky over El Paso, Texas, creating a massive explosion that shook homes from El Paso to Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Robert Simpson, spokesman for the McDonald Observatory in Texas, said the explosion was caused "by what appeared to be a small meteor... about as bright as the surface of the setting sun." The meteor was thought to have impacted in the West Texas "brush country" desert, south of the Hueco Mountains, about 30 miles east of El Paso.

"A police helicopter flying 25 miles east of the city spotted about an acre of scorched ground that might be the area where the meteor hit."

"A police command post was set up in the Organ Mountains as U.S. Army Reserve helicopters used infrared sensors to look for pieces of debris from the object. What they are looking for is any debris that is still hot or anything that came off the object." (Many thanks to Rebecca Schatte for forwarding this item.)

"Las Cruces (N.M.) police Sgt. Joel Cano said the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) tracked the object as it entered Earth's atmosphere until it fell to the ground 30 miles east of El Paso." (See Reuters story for October 9, 1997.)

The explosion triggered "hundreds of calls" to El Paso police and other law enforcement agencies. Most witnesses saw a "dark contrail" or "black smoke" or a "lightning flash in the sky."

(Editor's Comment: NORAD tracked the "meteor" all the way down, and then the Army Reserve choppers scrambled to retrieve it. I've seen lots of meteors fall, and I have yet to see a helicopter strike team show up looking for it afterward. Does anyone else think there may be more to this El Paso case than was reported by AP and Reuters?)


Dave Perkins, a writer based in the NM area said he had heard that at least

one police officer had said he saw small strips of aluminum foil raining down

shortly after the event. No corroboration as yet, no attempt to collect

samples mentioned ~GH

These events start to severely strain the meteor thesis of the news media and official scientific sources !!!



1) Then we have a short report from New Zealand :-

This report is from the 8th of Oct.97 "A huge silvery ball with a glowing tail that lit up the northern NZ sky." Off course it was Mir rubbish, they say, but this can't all be Mir rubbish Harry or there would be no Mir left up there by now !

2) Just two weeks ago we were informed in our Australian press that a USA military "Two Metre Diameter Laser Weapon" was to be fired from the continental USA (at a low power setting) at a redundant orbiting satellite to see if it could damage same. Allegedly this was the very first such test of a ground based "Star Wars" Laser system. Then the test was reported as cancelled ......

Could it be that they ran the "test" anyway - and it was very successful - on two separate occasions ? Eye-witness evidence suggests that the beam or pulse was actually fired from orbit and exploded on contact with some object flying in the lower atmosphere ???

But as for this being the first such test - well it would appear that some new "fairy stories" are being run on the mushroom public - why ?

Please refer to my Bright Skies Part 4 Nexus Magazine article about ground eye-witness, and STS -48 "Hoagland video tape", evidence of NW Australian Exmouth "VLF Radio" Base and "Pine Gap" Alice Springs based pulse beam weapons being fired at orbiting "UFO's" in September 1991.

Debris raining down on both the USA and Australia - three days apart - with sightings of strange fireballs, huge black flying triangles and hallowed spheres makes an interesting scenario.

3) The first object seen near Gundegai reminds one of the many reports in UFO circles and the popular press of huge black flying "triangles" from the USA, the North Atlantic and the UK over the last couple of years. Also internet reports, backed up by pers. com. reports from a British engineer resident in Moscow, describing Cosmospheres (anti-gravity drive space craft allegedly of Soviet manufacture) would appear to fit the second object sighted near Gundegai - the hallowed sphere.

Recent reports from the Russian underground suggest that there now exists a second generation Cosmosphere. Is this is a large black triangular craft ? According to Ross Dowe he had been expecting sighting reports of black triangular UFO's about now - they have been commonly reported for the past few years from around Australia in October each year.

Is it possible that they come "down under" every year in our, near perfect for flying, spring weather - for military maneuvers ??? Are they Russian, American, British, other, or alien in origin ???

British submariners have reported to UK UFO researcher Tony Dodds that the "Huge Black Triangles" observed in the North Atlantic over the past few years can dive under water and travel there at speeds of 150 knots - outstripping all nuclear subs and surface vessels - which cannot get close to them. Royal Navy submariners are told that these BT's and events involving same are top secret items and are ordered to not discuss any aspect of these vehicles at any time.

Try one out - you will get a robotic tape recorded message from them - often repeated two or three times for effect - word perfect each time !!! You may find one who will talk - they like a drink - rum will usually unscramble the tape recording and allow access to the inner hard drive memory banks !!!

They will complain that you probably know more than they do about the things - help them out if you can - since everyone is being kept out of the loop on this stuff. Whatever these things are, and whosoever they belong to, seems to be one of the most closely closeted secrets around.

In the UK there is currently a "D" notice on newspapers, radio, and TV forbidding mention of the "BT's" and events surrounding them. They reportedly vaporised a US Navy Destroyer in the North Atlantic, a year or so past, and they have been the cause of two major NATO fleet deployments into the North Atlantic in the last year or so.

"BT's" in groups and singularly have been seen recently by many commercial aircraft on the Canada - Iceland - UK leg. Tony has received many radiophone reports from fishing boats operating in the Greenland-Iceland region and from others in the North Sea who have observed these BT's flying in and out of the seas.

Over the last year or so reports have come in of BT's seen hovering at ground level in Fifeshire, Scotland, with landing parties of small grey aliens nearby handling box loads of equipment on and off.

Recently strange explosions and falling debris were seen near the Hebrides Islands NW of Scotland. Other large explosions and small earthquakes have been experienced close offshore - just SE of Edinburgh. The UK is currently building a "giga-joule EM beam plasma weapon" in northern Scotland, near the Dounray Nuclear Power Station - under advice from a US Californian company called "Physics International". Could this be a typical "alien zapper" as installed at Exmouth NW Australia ???

Many thousands of motorists on the British M 1 motorway stopped to watch a "BT" for several minutes whilst it hovered at low altitude (looking as large as the "Wembley Football Stadium") over this three lane national road artery some two years ago.

Fishing vessels NW of Iceland have reportedly seen as many as three BT's at a time rise out of the sea and blast away into orbit.

One hovered right over a fishing boat and blew out their entire electrical and communications system, which reset back to normal when the black triangle flew away. This implies some kind of electromagnetic or electrostatic anti-gravity drive system powers the "BT's".

Large black triangular shaped craft were reported to the author several years ago, by highly trained USA observers, such as miners and geologists, who spent many days in remote field locations.

These BT's were being commonly observed droning at slow speed and low altitude across the Californian "Mother Lode" gold country NE of Los Angeles in night skies during the early 1980's - "sounding like an airborne freight train with massive diesel engines". Sometimes they reportedly sped off at fantastic speed.

4) Perhaps Ross Dowe's initial thesis is correct and it's all just shit and rubbish being dropped on our heads from the ill fated MIR space station - "those bloody Russkies and their strange sense of sound eco-principles again".

Perhaps they are super secret USA, Russian, or British space craft, coupled with some recent military ground to space (or space to "ground") EM beam weapon tests - with hits on satellites or aircraft dropping debris on our heads ???

Perhaps they really are just a bunch of meteors or bolides exhibiting some very strange flight characteristics and associated explosive or electrostatic charge effects ???

Or could it be that there really is a very covert war going on between Earth and off-planet alien forces ???

I am reminded of that meteor that flew across the USA a few months back. You will remember it easily from news reports of the day - since it came in from space traveling towards the east, dived from orbital altitude towards the ground heating up to bright orange and green incandescence with a reasonably long tail - before bouncing up and out of orbit, doing a 180 degree flip, before coming back in - now traveling towards the west .............

Don't you just love the antics of these aerial "meteor" beasties and that of the astronomers, and other "authorities", who have to fit an ever increasing number of highly strange public observations into their pre-conceived meteor, or bolide, mind set box ???

Spin Doctors issue orders - just make sure those earthlings keep their heads in the "We are the Centre of the Solar System/Universe Box" and the "We are only Surrounded by Inanimate Rocks and Natural God Driven Events Box". No peeping out now !!!

Heaven forbid that the public reports continually demonstrate sentient guidance behavior and other strange oddities in these recent events that somehow just fail to equate with nature - as we know it.

Are these events just another page in an evolving high tech space war involving real off-planet aliens and the beleaguered forces of planet Earth, or are they the continuing exchange of fire from two belligerent oligarchic planetary powers - possibly aided and abetted by opposing off-planet allies ???

Obviously someone, or some group out there, who think that they run this place really do not want us to know what is going down so to speak ! But honestly you guys please get some better fairy stories running, the current crop are somewhat insulting ..............

By now, after the past few years of very odd "astronomical" events, even the most hide bound, died in the wool, stuck in the mud, flat earther, ivory tower professor, establishment diehard conservative, public purse research grant consumer, afraid of ridicule and loss of earnings, must be beginning to get a rather dim yet glowing light bulb in their forehead ................

One thing is certain folks - our skies are surely experiencing some amazing events these days. If it wasn't so interesting it would almost be getting scary ................

HARRY MASON B.Sc., M.Sc., M.A.I.M.M., M.I.M.M., F.G.S. (Geologist-Geophysicist)


Any Persons seeing, or having seen, exotic "meteor fireballs" or knowing anything about same, or exotic E/M weapon systems, is invited to contribute to this research project by telephoning the author at (+61) - 9 - 525 - 5999 (after 10.00am WA time =gmt + 8 hrs.), fax: (+61) - 9 - 525 - 5944, or e-mail =

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