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      August 1, 1998.  Two years have passed since the original publication of the Roswell Glyphics Deciphered.  Since that  time, a new perspective on the translation has come to light and confirms the original translation. I have been able to match the photo that appears in Ray Santilli's ALIEN AUTOPSY FILM with the transcribed image that appeared on the Internet a year before the video's release.  Some have commented that if the Santilli video is a fake, then the photo clip of the I-beam is also bogus. This argument does not necessarily prove the latter is the case. The Santilli film may have been a clever disinformation campaign to discredit the Roswell scenario. Anyone who has studied conspiracies and disinformation can tell you that the best way to conceal the truth is to mix it with a lie.  I have reason to believe that the I-beam photo is genuine and was intentionally placed in the film for whatever reason unknown at this time.

      The graphic at the top of the page is a comparison of the transcribed image (strip across top of image)  with the original photo. It is a high contrast enhancement to bring out the inscriptions more clearly. The glyphs are actually inverted. The normal photo shows someone holding the I-beam in his hands. When you compare the transcribed symbols with the inscriptions you will see that they correspond exactly! But what is wrong with this picture? The glyphics in the photo are "inside out!" The I-beam is being held wrong side forward. The embossed symbols must also appear on the other side of the I-beam material which was described by the sheep rancher, Mac Brazel, as being lightweight. You will also notice that the I-beam is broken in the lower right corner section. The Greek letter "Epsilon" is in this position. The correct sequence, left to right, is ELEPHTHERUID.

      I have since come across a later translation of the symbols in this photo from a Sr. Ricardo F. Arantes of Brazil (whose article is in Portuguese). He presents a very interesting interpretation of the translation, but reads the alphabetical symbols "left to right." His interpretation is based on the letters being in the reversed sequence: DIURENETHEA. "DI (of) URENTHEA." This he "rounds out" to URANTIA. The thread is about 2000 pages long! It is very possible that both interpretations apply. But that's a subject for another report.

      Now, we must go back a little over two years ago to the original article published on March 26, 1996 for the story behind the Roswell I-beam translation and the meaning of the word "ELEPHTHERIA!"

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