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Secret Government Technology


SLIDE 30: TR-3B triangle schematic diagram

Have You Ever Heard Stories about Missing Memory?

Sal worked a program, for almost two years, in a Top Secret Research Facility in California. At the end of the program he started having flu-like symptoms, and after several days of worsening symptoms, he went to the doctor. His company doctor prescribed some medication and sent him home for two days of rest. When Sal got up on the third morning to go to work, he couldnít remember where he worked, or who he worked for. His brother called his company, and asked what he should do.

The person at the company related, that my friend had been terminated because his contract had run out. To this day, the only thing Sal knows about that project, is from his notes, pay records, and letter of offer when he was hired. The company in question was involved with developing the TR-3B gravity disruption device called the MFD. His paranoia now exceeds my ability to describe it.

Has Anyone Ever Heard of the super strong foil like Material recovered after the Roswell Crash?

Another friend who worked for General Dynamics in Fort Worth, TX, described a program in which he worked with a plasma accelerator in the mid-60s researching gravity warping techniques. He is a physicist by education and work experience. This was his first Top Secret Program. He described a foil-like material, much like the material that was reported discovered after the Roswell Crash. He described the foil as 12 layers of material, less than ten thousandths of an inch thick. It was as flexible as a plastic trash bag, but virtually indestructible to piercing, burning or cutting.

In order to cut the material used for the project, the material was super cooled, a large electrical charge was applied to polarize the molecular structure, and then a laser cutter was applied. Large ribbons of this material were used to reinforce the accelerator, which contained the mercury based plasma.

The plasma was cooled to super-conductive temperatures, rotated at 45 thousand revolutions per minute, and pressurized at 150 thousand atmospheres. This would be considered state-of-the-art technology even by todayís standards, some 30 years after he worked this project. He related that the project achieved its objective. Instruments and test objects within the center of the accelerator showed a 50 percent loss of weight, attributed to a reduction in the gravitational field.

Youíll hear more about this technology when I address the Top Secret USAF Tactical Reconnaissance, flying triangle, or TR-3B and itís Magnetic Field Disrupter.

SLIDE 31: YB-49 Flying Wing

From 1973 through 1976 I was home-based out of Edwards AFB.

It is near Lancaster California and even nearer to the San Andreas Fault.

SLIDE 32: B-2 stealth bomber

Edwards has a long history with secret technology and experimental aircraft. The YB-49 was flown in 1948 at Edwards AFB which looks a lot like the B-2 Stealth Bomber.

SLIDE 33 : XB-70

The XB-70 flown in 1964 looks a lot like the still Top Secret SR-75 that the Air Force says doesnít exist.

SLIDE 34: SR-75

Edwards is the home of the US Air Force Test Pilot School and is Responsible for Flight Operational Test and Evaluation of the Air Forceís newest aircraft. It hosts a number of Tenant Organizations from NASA to a Jet Propulsion Laboratory facility. I worked with the F-111 swing wing bomber.

SLIDES :{35/F-111, {36/F-15, {37/F-16, {38/A-10, {39/B-1 (Shown quickly)

the F-15 air superiority fighter, the F-16 fighter, the A-10 close air support attack aircraft, and the B-1 stealth bomber. I was involved with these and other classified development programs, when they were just a gleam in some pilot traineeís eyes.

SLIDE 40: A-10 aircraft with external engine pods.

One night a long time friend of mine and I were standing on top of the Fairchild A-10 hanger. It was about 2 AM, and was a clear night with millions of stars visible to the naked eye. This was a common clear, cool night. I noticed a group of stars that seemed to be shifting in color. At the time I could name most of the visible planets and constellations. I pointed out to my friend that the three bright stars in triangular formation, were not part of the big dipper.

He watched with me as the strobing stars shifted from bright blue to a reddish-yellow in color. After a period of about 20 minutes we could tell that the objects probably werenít stars, because they were getting larger. This was somewhat unnerving. It was further unnerving, when the space in-between the enlarging lights, began blocking out the stars in the background.

We decided it probably was a Top Secret Air Force vehicle of some type. Still, we werenít sure. The vehicle had gone from half the size of the big dipper to twice itís size in under a half hour and had moved from the west to the east towards the base. About the time we could make out a silhouette or outline, of the triangular vehicle, the lights, or possibly exhausts, flared brighter and vanished from the sky in an instant. This experience wasnít my first sighting, but it was one of the few where I had a witness.

SLIDE 41: Nevada

In the summer of 1976 I relocated to Nellis Air Force Base north of Las Vegas. I spent the next 3 and a half years there. I worked primarily with the F-15, Electronics Countermeasures, and Automatic Test Equipment. I had heard rumors of airbases located in the desert, at places called Mercury, Indian Springs, and others that didnít even have names. Before the fall of the Berlin wall, and the collapse of the USSR, no-one talked about their classified work experience, nor did we repeat rumors of Top Secret technology and aircraft. Most of us who had Top Secret clearances, never even told our wives what we were doing, and where we were going, when on these type projects. I once spent six months in Vietnam, while my ex-wife thought I was attending a classified technical school in Colorado.

Slide 42: Groom Lake:

The Military, in a court of law, actually denied the existence of a classified Air Force Base, Inside The Nellis Range, out in the Nevada Desert. Donít you know, the plaintiffs, who had worked at Groom, and their lawyer were surprised to hear this. But, thatís another story.

I was one of the few personnel at Nellis who had a Top Secret clearance with Crypto access. I was certified to work on Mode 4 IFF, (an aircraft system which responded to classified, encrypted codes.) I was also certified to work on other Crypto equipment which I cannot discuss.

It was due to a combination of coincidences and my technical experience that I was requested to be temporarily assigned to a place, which had no name. I was told by my commander that I was to report to an office on the base, and that he didnít have a clue where I was going or what I was going to be working on. And let me tell you, he wasnít too happy, to have been left in the dark.

I left one Monday morning long before sunrise. It was 4:30 AM when I boarded a dark blue Air Force bus with all of the windows blacked out. There were 28 other people on the bus, not including the 2 security police men, holding M-16 automatic weapons, and the bus driver. We were each told when boarding, "Do Not Speak on this bus, unless you are spoken too." Not one of us uttered a word, believe me. There is nothing which can inspire compliance like an M-16 sticking in your face, I assure you.

The bus drove through the desert, this much I know from the poor air-conditioning on the bus and the amount of fine dust that came through every crack in the old vehicle for several hours and it was soon obvious where I was

SLIDES: {43/SR-71, {44/TR-1, {45/F-117, (Shown quickly as named)

In the 1950s the government started building the super secret Groom Lake facilities for the CIAís U-2 spy plane. Itís located in the north central part of the Nellis Range and is designated as Area 51. Construction of facilities within the Nellis range continues, even to today. The SR-71, TR-1, F-117, and B-2 were tested at Groom.

SLIDES: {46/SR-75, {47/TR-3B

Now the Top Secret SR-75, SR-74, and TR-3B are operated there. Many of these aircraft have been misidentified as UFOs.

SLIDE 48: Nevada Topographical Map / or satellite

When we reached Groom, the bus pulled into a hanger and they shut the doors. The security personnel checked me in, while other security personnel dispatched the others to their places of work. I was given a pair of heavy glasses to wear, which can only be described as looking like welderís goggles. The lenses were thick, and the sides of the goggles were covered to obliterate my peripheral vision.

Once I had these goggles on, I could only see about 30 feet in front of me. Anything beyond that distance became increasingly blurred. If an M1 Abrams Tank barrel, had been pointed at me from about 50 feet away, I would not have seen it. It was very disconcerting to have to wear those glasses.

The whole time I was there, some 10 consecutive days, followed by several follow-up visits, the routine was the same. Leave Nellis before sunrise and return home to Nellis after dark every day.

Only once did I get a chance to see the whole base, and that was when I was flown up from Nellis, in a helicopter to Groom, for emergency repairs of their crypto test equipment.

For those stationed at Groom, or commuting there daily, the flight schedules are posted for classified flights. Everyone not cleared for that particular program and flight, must be off the ramp and inside 30 minutes prior to the scheduled operation.

A couple of thousand personnel are flown into Area 51 daily, from McCarrin Air Port in Las Vegas and from Edwards AFB in California, on contractor aircraft. Several hundred commute from Tonapah and Central Nevada via the North entrance near Rachel Nevada. Other commuters use the South entrance via Mercury or Indian Springs, which is West of LV.

While at Groom I made contacts and met people from other programs. Over time, a few became friends and we exchanged stories.

On my 3rd day on the job at Groom, I had to remove a module from a multi-bay piece of satellite communications equipment, used to support certain special mission aircraft. I noticed while inside the bay checking out the wiring, that it contained a sealed unit about the size of a large brief-case. It had a National Security Agency ID Plate on it.

The nomenclature on the name plate was; Direct Orbital Code Link. I thought this was strange, as the unit was part of a digital communications link, used solely to communicate with classified Air Force vehicles. I was unaware at the time of any military orbital missions not related to NASA. Remember, this was in the late 70s. The shuttle didnít fly until 1981.

I disconnected the unit and, out of curiosity, I removed the rear access cover. To my amazement, there were some half-dozen large hybrid integrated circuit chips inside. The largest chip had over 500 hair-thin leads attached and was approximately the size of a Zippo lighter. The paper inspection stamp on the chip was dated 1975.

In 1975 the most advanced processor speeds, on the most classified projects were equivalent to a IBM 8088 which ran at 4 million cycles per seconds. This unit had a processor speed of 1 billion cycles per second. It wasnít until more than a dozen years had passed before I saw comparable technology with integrated circuit chips. Then it was at a Top Secret avionics development project at ITT.

In the mess hall at Groom, I heard words like Lorents Forces, pulse detonation, cyclotron radiation, quantum flux transduction field generators, quasi crystal energy lens, and EPR quantum receivers. I wrote down everything I saw, heard, and touched in my log every night before going to bed. By the way, the food at the Groom Mess hall was excellent. But what would you expect. There was no cable, no alcohol, and no women. I guess they figured theyíd better do something right.

Later, while back at the base, my routine went on as normal, as did my part time job that summer at the Silver Dollar Salon. My NSA friend, Jerald, who investigated and "watched" those with highly classified jobs at the Nevada Test Site and the Nellis Range, happened to show up. He was checking up on a guy who had a drinking problem, who worked at the Nevada Test Site, where they set off underground atomic explosions.

SLIDE 49: B-52 bomber landing

He happened to mention a vehicle that could be boosted into orbit, and return and land in the Nevada desert.

It was an unmanned reconnaissance vehicle which took off from a B-52 bomber and used booster rockets to place it in temporary low earth orbit for the purpose of taking reconnaissance pictures.

I thought he was feeding me a line of bull. Then he said,

SLIDES: 50/51/52: Virtual Reality Lab pictures.

"This vehicle is remotely piloted and communications are made via the DOCiLe system at Groom." Iím not usually too slow, but it didnít hit me until he repeated, "you know, the Direct Orbital Communications Link -- D. O. C. L." Bingo, the light-bulb went on. I had seen a piece of the DOCiLe equipment at Groom. The NSA unit with the large chips.

These are old pictures of the Virtual Reality Lab at Brooks Air Force Base where the software to remotely fly exotic aircraft was developed.

Let Me Get Back To The Development of Alien Rapture - The Chosen.

After I agreed to write my co-conspiratorís story, I talked to several military Judge Advocate General (JAG) Lawyers. I told the lawyers that I wanted to write about some of my experiences in the military and had been on many classified projects. I was told that I had to write my-story as fiction, which I have.

I was told that I couldnít name any real individuals with clearances or covers, or use their working names. Which I havenít.

I was also told that I couldnít discuss any secrets of programs that I had been personally assigned to. Which I have not done. Then, I was told as long as I did that, I could damn well write anything I wanted to.

Of course, I didnít tell them I was going to write about the government conspiracy to cover-up UFO contact and the reverse engineering of alien technology. Or, that I was interviewing pilots who had flown classified air craft.

In the summer of 1992 we met again in Las Vegas. I had compiled my notes from our first meeting, my interviews, and the input the five friends had passed on to me. Each had reached out to their friends and contacts, which uncovered even more information.

We agreed I was the only one who could get away with writing about our experiences since I no longer worked for the DoD as military or government employee or as a defense contractor. My friends were still connected.

I took one last trip to Nevada in December 1994, without benefit of my friends. I wanted to see a few of my retired military friends to cross check some of my facts.

Bud, one of my conspirators, had informed me that he had a cancerous tumor and was going through some severe depression. He was dead thirty days later. It was a real blow to us. We had lost Jerrold a year before of a heart attack.

Of the remaining three friends, Sal has dropped of the face of the earth and none of his or my contacts have been able to locate him for two years now. He was extremely paranoid about the two deaths, and had second thoughts about the book. He said he was going to move and didnít know when or if he would contact me next.


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