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"Cherokee (R. laevigata)"

Class: Species
1997-2005 WEM


Color: Clear white
Blooms: Single, yellow stamens, large, 5 petals
Foliage: Shiny, dark green
Fragrance: Moderately fragrant
Size (H x W): 20+ x 15
Growth Habit: Sprawling, climber if trained
Cultivation: Poor soil OK, tender needs sun.
Not Hardy 
North of Zone:
Origins: China: Dietrich & Turner 1759
Notes: Likes a warm spot. Can be pruned to a 6' shrub. State flower of Georgia. Large hooked thorns. Attractive oval mossy orange hips. Nurseryman Thomas Affleck sold huge numbers of Rosa laevigata to large homesteads and plantations in the early 19th century, recommending the rose as a hedge. The Cherokee Rose naturalized successfully and is now a common sight throughout the South.


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