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"Apothecary's Rose (R. gallica officinalis)"

Class: Gallica
1997-2005 WEM


Color: Light crimson
Blooms: Semi double, yellow stamens, large
Foliage: Grayish, dark green
Fragrance: Quite fragrant: rose
Size (H x W): 4 x 3
Growth Habit: Upright-bushy
Cultivation: Healthy in poor soil, shade tolerant, but subject to mildew. Good for hedging and cutting.
Not Hardy 
North of Zone:
Origins: Europe 1600
Notes: Easy to grow. Produces small oval hips.

An historic rose, it was brought back to France by Le Chansonnier from the Crusades in the thirteenth century - used in the manufacture of perfume in Provins - used extensively by apothecaries for medicinal purposes, and is the symbol for modern pharmacology.

During the War of the Roses in the 15th Century, the Apothecary's Rose (Rosa gallica officinalis) was the emblem of The House of Lancaster.


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