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"Chestnut Rose (R. roxburghii plena)"

Class: Species
1997-2005 WEM


Color: Strong pink, fuchsia
Blooms: Double, informal, lesser repeat throughout season, buds covered by 'prickles' hence the name
Foliage: Fern-like, comprised of up to fifteen individual leaflets, small, light green
Fragrance: Lightly fragrant
Size (H x W): 6 x 5
Growth Habit: Arching shrub
Cultivation: Excellent disease resistance, shade tolerant, OK in poor soil.
Not Hardy 
North of Zone:
Origins: China, 1814, William Roxburgh
Notes: Thorny. Large Thorns. Bark peels as canes age. AKA: Chinquapin Rose and Moss Rose.


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