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README for Magic Dictionary/Thesaurus for IE4.* v2.0
Original Concept, Design, and Programming:       

Ryan Bliss (
Digital Blasphemy -- Free 3D Wallpapers               
Hook your web browser into the Webster's Online Dictionary and Thesaurus. Select a word or phrase (as you would to copy the text to your clipboard), right-click and select "Magic Dictionary" or "Magic Thesaurus" from the menu. A new browser window will open containing the definition or synonym(s) for the word or phrase you selected (if available). Simple as that.


This plugin makes alterations to your Windows Registry and assumes that you have Internet Explorer 4 or 5 installed in the default locations. This plugin has been tested on different systems, both on networks and off, but I can't take responsibility for any damage or malfunction that may occur on your system. Look for less disclaimers in future versions, and a better installer/uninstaller!

At some time in the future the format for accessing Webster's website may change, and the plugins will cease to function properly. If this happens, write me an I will post an upgrade as soon as possible.

Digital Blasphemy is not affiliated with Merriam-Webster. I didn't write the thesaurus or the dictionary, I just made them easier for you to use.

If you're comfortable with that, proceed. . .

What's it cost?

Nothing. This plugin is completely free.

The installation program will add a bookmark to my Web site (not as scary as it sounds) to your favorites list, and a shortcut to the same will be placed on your desktop.

You are free to keep or delete these shortcuts as you wish. If you are interested in sprucing up your desktop with some cool free wallpapers (all tasteful and original 3D computer graphic designs), or interested in art in general, please stop by my site and have a look. Digital Blasphemy serves almost 700,000 wallpapers a month to over 250,000 visitors. I must be doing something right.

That is my "price", but after you visit my site I think you will call it a bonus.



You will need to restart your web browser to complete the installation. Simply close it and open it again.

1. Unzip the setup.exe file to a convenient location on your hard drive.
2. Double click the icon to execute the program. A dialog will appear asking for a directory. It will be set to "C:\" by default. If your Windows directory is on your "C" drive, do not change the directory. Click the "unzip" button to extract the files.
3. A icon called "magicdnt.reg" will appear on your desktop. Double-click the icon.
4. A box will appear asking if you want to add information to your registry. Click "Yes".
5. A box will appear informing you that information has been successfully entered into your registry. Click "Ok".
6. Drag the "magicdnt.reg" icon to your Recycle Bin and drop it there. You won't need it any more. Don't forget to empty the Recycle Bin from time to time!
7. Start Internet Explorer and begin looking up words.


For more information check out

This readme last updated 3/6/99

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