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"Champneys' Pink Cluster"

Class: Noisette

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Photo Barrie Collins (www.barriecollins.net)
used by permission

Garden Map Location # 16


Color: Pink-dark pink blend
Blooms: Double, supped, small, clusters, repeat
Foliage: Medium green
Fragrance: Quite fragrant
Size (H x W): 15 x 8
Growth Habit: Climbing, see notes
Cultivation: Vigorous and disease resistant, poor soil OK, climbs if trained
Not Hardy North of: Zone 7
Origins: US: Champneys 1811
Parentage: R. moschata x Old Blush
Notes: Almost Thornless, Does better in the South, grows as a 4' bush in cooler climates. Champneys' Pink Cluster, the first noisette, was bred in Charleston, South Carolina in 1811. John Champneys shared cuttings and seeds with Philippe Noisette, who shipped young seedlings to his brother Louis in Paris, France. Louis hybridized new plants and introduced them as Noisette roses with great success.

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