Combining the safety of a dynamic firewall with total control over applications' Internet use, ZoneAlarm gives rock-solid protection against thieves and vandals.


ZoneAlarm makes ironclad Internet security easy-to-use.

ZoneAlarm lets you realize true peace of mind knowing your computer is secure.

ZoneAlarm 2.1
Easy to use,  Always-On,  Internet Security

  • Eliminate spyware that "phones home" user information
  • Remove key loggers that steal logins and passwords
  • Delete probe tools that look for vulnerabilities to exploit
  • Uncover over 60,000 types of destructive pests, adware and hacker tools
ZoneAlarm is now available for purchase of one or more copies for business and professional use (including governmental entities and educational institutions).

ZoneAlarm is still FREE for personal and non-profit use.

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